Benefits of AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)

  • AWS Certificate Manager will monitor the expiration date of certificates created by AWS Certificate Manager.
  • Automatic renewal of SSL certificates before they expire


AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) Features

  • In regions where ACM is not supported, IAM must be used as Certificate Manager
  • To create an HTTPS listener, exactly one certificate (the default certificate) must be specified
  • ACM can deploy certificates to the ELB





What is AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)?

You can use SSL certificates provided by AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) or certificates obtained from external providers.

It also allows for the storage and deployment of SSL certificates using ACM or IAM.


In regions not supported by ACM, use IAM as the SSL certificate manager if you need to support HTTPS connections.


IAM supports deployment of SSL certificates in all regions, but you must obtain an SSL certificate from an external provider to use it in AWS


AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) is used as the AWS service for centralized management of SSL certificates.

ACM can create, enroll, and manage public or private SSL/TLS certificates for use by AWS services and users' internal connection resources.

When an SSL/TLS certificate is presented, SSL authentication is used to protect network communications through HTTPS.

AWS Certificate Manager eliminates the need to manually go through the time-consuming process of purchasing, uploading, and renewing SSL/TLS certificates.