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EBS Volume Type Type

Amazon EBS Volume Types (official website)

General-purpose SSD (gp2)

General Purpose SSD(gp3)

Provisioned IPOS SSD(io1)

Provisioned IOPS SSD (io2)

Magnetic (Standard)



General-purpose (SSD) volumes can burst up to 3000 IOPS and function at a consistent baseline of 3 IOPS per GiB.

Provisioned IOPS SSD volumes can provide up to 64000 IOPS and are ideal for EBS optimized instances.

Magnetic volumes, formerly called Standard volumes, provide an average of 100 IOPS and can burst up to several hundred IOPS. EBS Volume Types for more information.


creation procedure

The specification is created in the process of creating EC2.

As of 2021/02/24



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EBS Volume Types See


Amazon EBS Volume Types

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