Route53] DR (Disaster Recovery)


Route53] DR (Disaster Recovery)

By setting up the main environment DR environment (disaster recovery) and the remote DR environment in separate regions and using Route 53 to manage them, automatic failover using AWS managed services is available and DR response can be automated better than other options.


There are two main possible DR environment methods using Route53.


Cold standby

Amazon S3 is used as the destination for backup data.

Prepare system images in the cloud in advance.

In the event of a disaster, the system is activated in the cloud and restored by switching via Route53.

Low investment cost and easy to start


Warm standby

Data is constantly replicated to a standby environment in the cloud.

Normally, the standby environment is operated in a minimum configuration and is changed to the required capacity in the event of a disaster.

Standby environment must be in operation at all times, but Route53 allows for quick system switchover