S3] What is the versioning function?


S3] What is the versioning function?

Versioning is a means of maintaining multiple variants of an object in the same bucket.

Versioning can be used to
Store, retrieve, and restore any version of any object stored in an S3 bucket
The following table shows the number of versions of the same object in the S3 bucket.

Versioning makes it easy to recover data from unintended user actions and application failures.
Easily recover data from unintended user actions and application failures


Use case (1)

One company stores system logs used by employees in S3.

There is a concern that users may accidentally delete objects in S3 buckets as data uploads, modifications, etc. are performed on a daily basis.

The corresponding configuration needs to be implemented, but it is necessary to take measures that do not interfere with business operations

Use as a method to prevent accidental deletion of objects in S3 buckets at this time


Versioning Features

Enable MFA authentication for S3 buckets
and authentication information will be asked for deletion, preventing work errors.

Access privileges are set by IAM users, not IAM roles.

When storing data that can be used immediately
S3 standard storage is the best choice for storing data for immediate use.

Versioning is then performed at the bucket level and can be used to restore previous versions of an object.