There are several ways to speed up the write speed of MySQL.

In this issue, we would like to identify how many methods are available and the work involved.

Speed up the write speed of MySQL


Identify bottlenecks that are slowing you down. To do so, obtain logs. Establish improvement methods. Implement them.


I'll try to identify them in order of effectiveness.

  1. Change DB
    1. Using Amazon Aurora
    2. Use in-memory DB
  2. Increase storage performance (IOPS)
    1. Storage type and IOPS performance
  3. Increase server specs
    1. CPU, memory (if bottleneck. Monitoring is required.)
  4. Rewriting SQL
    1. How to monitor SQL bottlenecks
  5. Tuning MySQL parameters
    1. How to monitor
    2. Potential bottlenecks, index


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Testing tools to be used

Items to be checked



Environment before/after item change



Current Performance


environment building

data migration


Application change work

IP Change



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