Test to measure the write speed of MySQL


Test the write speed of MySQL

Set up the environment

OS, MySQL version

Use specialized tools


Decide on a period of time

Determine log format and level

configuration diagram

Determine the interval (MySQL alone, between EC2 and RDS)



  • The response time for writing and updating WordPress posts is slow (experience: 1.5 seconds on average) and we want to make it faster.


Preliminary status survey

  • What SQL statements are being issued?
  • How fast is the response time?
  • How much is there?
  • Listing


Preliminary status survey work

Output slow query log

Configuration details




How to respond


How much load to apply? How much time? Capacity? Range, INSERT statement?


preliminary work

Create test tables (copy existing tables)

Creation of test data



Test Contents

Test data pouring (speed verification)


corrective action (esp. in response to a crisis)

Test Data Deletion

Test table deletion