Tips for identifying a list of monitoring items (AWS, OS, middle, apps)

This article describes tips for identifying a list of monitoring items.


Identification of AWS monitoring items

Check CostExplorer


Identification of OS and middle monitoring items

List the built OS, middle, and apps in Excel or other format.


Segregate the type of surveillance

  • Resource Monitoring
    • CPU
    • memory
    • disk
      • EBS
      • snapshot
      • EFS
      • S3
  • Life and Death Monitoring
    • uniform resouce locator
      • Response Time
    • EC2
    • process
  • Log Monitoring
    • Audit logs (AWS, OS)
      • logging in illegally (e.g. from an account)
    • Monitoring logs (AWS, OS, middle, apps)
      • system error
    • backup log
    • security
      • VPC Flow Log
      • WAF
      • Shield
        • DDOS
      • GurdDuty


Monitoring Configuration


operation check

Receive alarms when conditions are met.


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