What is Amazon Athena?


What is Amazon Athena?

Amazon Athena is an interactive query service that allows you to
data in Amazon S3 can be easily analyzed using standard SQL
The query service is available in the following formats

Athena is another tool that can perform SQL analysis on S3 data, but
complex queries and machine learning inferences.
Athena is used for more advanced analysis than S3 Select, for example, it can perform complex queries and machine learning inferences.


An interactive query service that allows you to easily analyze your Amazon S3 data using standard SQL expressions.

Simply point to your Amazon S3 data, define your schema, and start a query using standard SQL expressions.

Most of the
results are delivered within seconds
within seconds


Amazon Athena enables query processing on data directly from Amazon S3.


With Athena, complex ETL jobs to prepare data for analysis are no longer necessary.


Compressing, splitting, and converting data to columnar format can provide significant cost savings and performance improvements, and can reduce data processing costs.



Athena SQL queries can call SageMaker machine learning models to perform machine learning inference.



What are the fees?

You are charged only for the queries you perform and are billed based on the amount of data scanned in each query.







About Amazon S3 Select

Amazon S3 Select is designed to allow faster and cheaper analysis and processing of data in objects in Amazon S3 buckets. It works by providing the ability to retrieve a subset of data from an Amazon S3 object using a simple SQL expression. However, this is a function used for simple data retrieval and extraction, and is therefore
cannot be used for advanced big data analysis.