What is AWS ECS, a service for launching Docker containers on AWS?


What is AWS ECS?

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) is a

A service on AWS that supports Docker containers.

Enables containerized applications to run and scale easily on AWS.

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What can it do? (Benefits)

Easily run and scale containerized applications on AWS
The AWS is a great place to run and scale containerized applications.

Amazon ECS can be used for container orchestration to

for both critical and non-critical loads.

To minimize costs, the

For non-critical workloads
Spot instances can be used
for non-critical workloads.


Using ECS is a secure, reliable and scalable way to run containers.


Features of ECS

  • Need to provision and maintain EC2
  • AWS controls starting and stopping containers.
  • Can be integrated with ALB
  • With 3 EC2s
    • EC2 ① = 2 containers
    • EC2 ② = 3 containers
    • EC2 ③ = 3 containers
      • When ECS picks up a request to start a container, it will assign the container to EC2① with low load.



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About ECS startup types

Amazon ECS is available in different startup types

It determines the type of infrastructure on which tasks and services will be hosted.

Fargate startup type
EC2 startup type
can be selected from two options.


Fargate startup type

Using the Fargate bootstrap type, the

back-end infrastructure without the need to provision and manage it.
without the need to provision and manage back-end infrastructure.

Containerized applications can be run.


Simply register a task definition and Fargate will launch the container.


For EC2 startup type

  • Docker can be used by installing Docker on EC2
  • Disadvantages include lack of auto-scaling, time-consuming version upgrades, and increased number of management targets



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