What is AWS Step Fnctions? Batch Processing Automation Solution

AWS Step Fnctions can be configured into serverless workflows using multiple AWS services.

This is used to create and manage workloads.


Step Functions is a serverless orchestration service that creates workflows combined with AWS resources.

It is also possible to create semi-automated workflows that run for long periods of time that would otherwise require human intervention.

Therefore, this is because there may be some tasks in this workflow that require manual actions, and if the manual actions are not processed, the task will be stalled.



AWS Step Functions organizes multiple AWS services into serverless workflows and

You can build applications that perform process processing.

A workflow consists of a series of steps, where the output of one step becomes the input to the next step.

Step Functions automatically triggers and tracks each step, and retries in the event of an error, so that the

The application is executed in the order intended.


use case

For automating recurring tasks within the department, such as patch management, infrastructure selection, data synchronization, etc.


creation procedure


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