What is CloudFormation? A tool for building AWS environments with source code


What is CloudFormation?

CloudFormation Overview

  • Managed service to build AWS environment with source code
  • Use templates provided by AWS.
  • Templates should be written in YAML or JSON format.
  • What to describe in the template is building AWS
  • Building can be automated by loading templates into CloudFormation.
    • Eliminates the need to create them one by one in the management console.


What can we do?

AWS CloudFormation can be used to describe infrastructure configurations using AWS resources in a template as code, which can then be launched and configured as a single stack at one time.


Infrastructure as Code (source code) Cloud provisioning (server construction) can be accelerated with


CloudFormation provides the output values of one stack to another stack, allowing infrastructure to be configured by interlocking between stacks.


To share information between stacks, export stack output values.


To export the output values of a stack, use the Export field in the Output section of the stack template



The tool is provided by AWS and made by AWS.


Describe where, what, and how?


What do you get? (Benefits)


What about rival products?


How to build (how to use)


Reference Site

AWS CloudFormation

What is AWS CloudFormation?


CloudFormation Stackset

The CloudFormation stack set allows you to define AWS resource configurations in CloudFormation templates and then deploy them horizontally across multiple AWS accounts and/or regions with a few clicks.

This capability can be leveraged for baseline-level setup of AWS features that resolve cross-account and cross-region scenarios.

Once set up, it can be easily deployed to additional accounts and regions

It is possible to import existing resources into the CloudFormation stack. This is used when another side of the stack uses the exported output values.

CloudFormation Templates

A set of set styles for automatically building AWS resources from templates.


change set

Change sets are a mechanism for making changes to CloudfFormation template content. If you need to update your stack, you can do so with confidence knowing that you understand the impact on your running resources before implementing the changes.

Route using change sets to see how proposed changes in the stack might affect running resources (e.g., whether the changes will remove or replace critical resources).



AWS SAM is a deployment tool for building serverless applications.

Use YAML to model Lambda functions, APIs, databases, and event source mapping for serverless applications.

AWS SAM works with CloudFormation to deploy serverless applications.

In such cases, SAM can convert and extend the SAM syntax into AWS CloudFormation syntax to accelerate the building of serverless applications.



Keep this in mind as it will be useful when creating and designing network configuration diagrams.

AWS download site (darcy-it.com)

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