What is S3 Transfer Acceleration (to accelerate S3 data transfer)

This time, S3 Transfer Acceleration will be explained.

What is S3 Transfer Acceleration?

Transfer Acceleration is a service that leverages Amazon CloudFront's globally distributed edge locations to enable file transfers to S3 via edge locations closer to the user.


S3 Transfer Acceleration allows you to transfer
between the client and the S3 bucket.
between the client and the S3 bucket.

Fast, easy, and secure file transfers over long distances
file transfers over long distances.

This makes it easy to perform data transfers from each region to S3.


Transfer Acceleration leverages Amazon
CloudFront's globally distributed edge locations.
Amazon CloudFront

Data arriving at edge locations are routed to Amazon S3 on an optimized network path

Incidentally, cross-region replication is used to make data redundant in multiple regions.


Additional data transfer charges may apply when using Transfer Acceleration.

multipart upload

The multipart upload API allows large objects to be uploaded in several parts.

This feature facilitates uploading new large objects and reduces the load on the upload process this time.

This API allows you to upload new large objects or create copies of existing objects.


Procedure for using multipart uploads in S3



About Protocol

S3 uses the Secure File Transfer Protocol (
) to transfer files directly to and from Amazon S3.