What is the lead replica role and characteristics of RDS?

Adding a read replica to Amazon RDS can improve availability, durability, and performance.

One of the objectives is to improve data redundancy and response.

What is a read replica of RDS?



What can you do with lead replicas?

The capacity of a single DB instance can be telescopically scaled to alleviate frequently read database processing.


By serving the application's high volume read traffic from multiple copies of the data, overall read throughput can be increased.


Lead replicas can be configured in multiple AZs to further improve availability and durability.


A lead replica can also be configured by creating a replica in another region.

This results in improved read performance.

The read replica can then be promoted to a standalone DB instance to achieve data redundancy to the RDS and improve disaster recovery.


Advantages of Lead Replicas

  • Improving possibilities
  • Increased durability
  • Faster response time (improved performance)


Features of RDS Read Replicas

  • No need to go offline (no need for downtime)
  • Up to 5 read replicas can be created from the primary DB instance
  • Read replicas can be built in an AZ different from the AZ where the RDS DB instance is located