WordPress Migration Procedures


Define where WordPress will be migrated from and to.

source of transition

  • Base: Lightsail x 1
  • OS: Linux2
  • Language: PHP7.4
  • WEB: Apache 2.4
  • DB: MySQL8.0


Transition to

  • Infrastructure: EC2 x 1
  • OS: Linux2
  • Language: PHP
  • WEB: Apache 2.4
  • DB: MySQL


WordPress Migration Procedure

Identify an overview of the transition

  • what
    • Application Data
    • DB Data
  • where
    • EC2 on AWS
  • How much capacity
  • How much time?


Identify specific tasks that will be performed.

  • Moving (copying) app data: source (Lightsail) → destination (EC2)
    • capacity
    • Hours.
    • method
      • rsync
  • Move (copy) DB data: source (Lightsail) → destination (EC2)
    • capacity
    • Hours.
    • method
      • rsync


Identify specific things to be transitioned


make a schedule

  • What is to be done, to what extent, and by when?


First, check the environment from which you are migrating (what)

  • WordPress directory structure and permissions
  • capacity
    • Number of application files
    • App file capacity
    • Database capacity

Note the capacity of the database dump file before data migration. Write it down in the table of differences.




Design data migration pathways.

Test the load on the network. Transfer light files to estimate.

Estimate data migration time.


Have a transition destination built.

Application Version

Language Version

SSL Certificate

Sorry page (keep the maintenance page displayed)

Application shutdown (stop current system before data migration)

Directory Synchronization

Difference check, directory structure, permissions

Check the number of files

Dump file capacity

Number of rows after import into database


App Launch

Confirmation of application operation


Data Migration.

Data Items to be Migrated

mysql data migration instructions (darcy-it.com)


Check application operation after data transfer.