EC2 Redundancy (Using Floating IP)

When ELB or Route53 is configured on an EC2 instance, when a failure occurs on a particular EC2 instance, the system switches to a standby instance with minimal downtime.

If the hostname is redirected to the IP address of the standby system at that time, there may be a certain amount of downtime before the DNS information is propagated.


To prevent this, you can use
Floating Elastic IP addresses using Floating IP
By doing so
switching traffic to another EC2 instance instantly.
to another EC2 instance.

In case of failure

In the event of a failure, the Elastic IP address can be removed from the active system and reassigned to a standby instance, instantly changing the destination of traffic.



Redundant applications

Apache on WordPress


Redundancy tools to use


point of concern

Log Management



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